Daryl Floyd Photography | About

An Irish landscape architect living in Provence, my photographic eye is drawn towards scenes that convey a sense of place. Landscapes, rural or urban. Details, timeless or fleeting. Still lives, found or composed. Gardens, natural or human made.

Gardens have naturally always played an important part in my appreciation of place. And in my photographic journey. My family garden in rural Ireland was the rich visual environment in which I first learned to explore the world with a camera. Delighting as much in rusting metal and decaying leaves as in the summer glory of the herbaceous borders in full bloom. And discovering the worlds of texture and form and colour in nature.

Hazard of geography or ancestral predisposition, water occupies a particular place in my photography. From the metapatterns of its surface texture to the distorted reflections of the surrounding landscape, water seems to mirror our own subjective experience of place. And to exist in several states at one time. Transparent or opaque, or neither fully either. Often moving, flowing. Between states and places.

In natural dialogue with the lens which produces images that can be contemplative, subjective, personal.

These are also the qualities that I seek in my photography.

I invite you to explore the galleries on this site in that spirit and hope that they will convey something of that sense of place that inspired each photograph.