Still life with Pears

March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of my all-time favourite photographs is “Ripening pears” by Sam Abell. He describes it in his book Seeing Gardens: “Some of the gardens that mean the most are impromptu arrangements, like this still life of pears on a windowsill in Moscow. This garden came into being casually, existed for a day of two, and vanished – in this case it was eaten. But while it lasted it was consoling.”

These pears were part of an impromptu arrangement for which my wife must take the credit. I liked the way she balanced the fragile lightness of the mimosa with the rounded weightiness of the pears. Which resembled little bronze sculptures, delicately and affectionately posed against one another.

As with Sam Abell’s windowsill garden, the composition was ephemeral. I only had a short moment to photograph it in the soft morning light before leaving for work.


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